Deliverables serve as control points for the project's successful implementation. The deliverables need to be submitted to the EC at defined submittal deadlines. Below you will find a selection of EAGLE deliverables available for download:

Deliverable title Lead Beneficiary Date
Engagement Plan with requirements engineering methodology [D2.1] HRW Mar 2014
Requirements documentation and recommendations with Accessibility Guidelines [D2.2] DCU May 2014
Engagement Scenarios, Synthesis and Analysis [D2.3] HRW Jun 2014
Methodological Framework for Change [D3.1] LIST Sep 2014
Assessment of Methodological Framework for Change [D3.2] LIST Oct 2015
Local Government Change Management Model Guide [D3.3] LIST Feb 2017
Learning Needs Specification and Construct Map Design [D4.1] UNIM Jul 2014
Autonomous Learning Motivations and Attitudes [D4.2] Fraunhofer May 2015
3 competency sets of suitable learning technologies [D4.3] ZHAW Jul 2015
Proficiency Based Curriculum [D4.4] ZHAW Jun 2015
Item generation templates based on 3 iterations [D4.5] LIST Sep 2015
OER-LP Design Principles [D5.1] Fraunhofer Oct 2014
OER Data Registry [D5.2] Fraunhofer Apr 2016
OER Ontology for Local Governments [D5.3] Fraunhofer Apr 2016
OER User Model [D5.4] LIST Sep 2015
EAGLE OER Learning Platform [D5.6] Fraunhofer Jul 2016
Topic Map [D6.9] LIST Jul 2016
Argumentation Tool [D6.10] LIST Jul 2016
Automatic Item Generator [D6.11] LIST Jul 2016
Authoring Tools [D6.8] HRW Dec 2015
Cultural Model Design and Contextualization Processes [D7.1] HRW Nov 2015
Contextualization Tools [D7.2] HRW Jan 2016
Cross-European Collaboration Best Practices and Guidelines [D7.3] HRW Feb 2017
UX-Validation Methodology [D8.1] DHBW Aug 2015
UX-Validation Campaign Final Report incl. Change, e-Enabling and Learn Campaigns [D8.2] DHBW Feb 2017
OER Documentation on Validation [D8.3] DHBW Feb 2017
Economic analysis of the EAGLE OER/OS learning platform and services [D8.4] DHBW Upcoming
Outreach Plan [D9.1] ACCEL Oct 2014
EAGLE Website [D9.2] ACCEL Aug 2014
Social and Multi-Media EAGLE Programme online [D9.3] ACCEL Jan 2016
EAGLE Demonstrations @ BarCamps and Fairs [D9.4] ACCEL Jan 2017
Policy Recommendations [D9.5] Fraunhofer Feb 2017
OER on Change Management, EAGLE Open Learning Platform and EAGLE community [D9.6] ACCEL Jan 2017