Policy recommendations – technical

Choose an appropriate model to operate the EAGLE platform

The availability of an appropriate technical platform is a precondition for the introduction of the EAGLE solution. This can be achieved in several ways:

  1. Join an EAGLE platform offered by a superior authority (likely an option in Luxembourg and Montenegro)
  2. Join an EAGLE platform offered by a regional PA service provider or a PA skill center (an appropriate solution in Germany)
  3. If option 1 or 2 is not available (likely an option in Ireland; a possibility in all other countries, too)
    1. Establish a community with similar municipalities, including a sufficient number of users, making it attractive to a service provider (PA or commercial) to establish the EAGLE platform service as a new product in its portfolio.
    2. Alternatively one public authority hosts the platform for other members or municipalities. In this case a technically proficient IT team is required.

Have skilled/trained staff/IT-administrators available to coach you in respect to technical aspects of an EAGLE platform deployment.

Detailed information on technical prerequisites is given in D5.5 OER-LP Architecture Release. This normally concerns only the platform provider.

Ensure adequate IT infrastructure

Depending on the service level agreement with a platform provider, no specialised technical skills are necessary in the municipality. In the municipality itself only user administration with editorial rights is required.

Every user should have permanent access to the platform. The minimum user requirements are a dedicated IT workplace with internet or other platform access, a modern operating system and a browser. Sufficient bandwidth for all users is important. Bandwidth sufficient for video learning modules and video conferences is not mandatory, but strongly recommended. The platform access of registered users is technically possible from their own devices (at home) with no additional risks. The use of own devices can follow every general regulation which is given by the respective municipality.