Pioneer Municipalities are testing first EAGLE Prototype

December 01, 2015

Pioneers have started validating the prototype of the EAGLE learning solution in Ireland, Germany, Luxembourg and Montenegro. The aim of these tests is to find out which features of the portal users appreciate and how they work with it.

Validation partners from public administrations are given specific tasks based on their daily working routine, such as

  1. finding information on the portal,
  2. adding resources (OERs) to the portal,
  3. finding someone who can help with a difficult, rare task, and
  4. creating a group with people outside of the organisation.

Our EAGLE experts encourage users to continuously comment on how they perform a task and how they experience their interaction with the portal. This feedback is particularly useful, as EAGLE’s scientific coordinator, Prof. Dr. Sabine Moebs, points out: “People from public administrations who actually interact with the platform provide valuable insights on the further development of EAGLE.” Additional municipalities are welcome to test the prototype and to learn more about the overall EAGLE learning solution.


Card sorting: One method to make users structure the features of the portal in a meaningful way.


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