Montenegrin ministry and Union of Municipalities welcome EAGLE Learning Solution

March 29, 2016

On 11 March 2016, EAGLE Partner UNIM (University of the Mediterranean) organised a workshop with representatives of the Montenegrin Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Union of Municipalities of Montenegro. Participants stressed the importance of the EAGLE Learning Solution. Their opinion carries weight: The Ministry of Internal Affairs leads policy-making, creates laws and other acts and strategies relevant to the work of local municipalities. The Union of Municipalities of Montenegro coordinates the work of local municipalities and provides a common platform for improving their work.

Slobodanka Krivokapic, member of the University of the Mediterranean team, presenting to representatives of the Montenegrin Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Union of Municipalities of Montenegro.


The workshop was attended by 13 representatives of those institutions and two representatives of UNIM. The aim of the workshop was to examine the current situation of municipalities regarding Change Management and to propose measures for an action plan on the implementation of e-learning.

After reviewing the organisational analysis and problems in the management of human resources, participants confirmed that the EAGLE Learning Solution is needed, as it should improve the professional training and skills of employees in local municipalities. In particular, they emphasised the importance of networking of local municipalities and the exchange of experiences and good practices. It was also pointed out that Change Management in introducing e-learning opens up new directions and opportunities for improving the work of local municipalities. Local municipalities must be focused on the needs of citizens and businesses, and within the dynamic changes to respond to the increased number of tasks. Employees need to demonstrate knowledge and a willingness to expand this knowledge by using e-learning.

The conclusion of the workshop was that for stakeholders in the municipalities, the learning process already started and that the EAGLE Project should be promoted further. It is also necessary to round up the legislation in terms of improving the management of human resources, through the cooperation of all stakeholders. There is a need for greater coordination between stakeholders in order to monitor the change process and the implementation of e-learning.


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