EAGLE Technologies

The following tools are integrated in the EAGLE Learning Platform. They are all open source and can be implemented independently from the platform.

Argumentation Tool: A tool to help clerks to decide issues for which no clear rules exist (e.g. "undue hardship") and to justify their decisions in a clear way with reasons and arguments. This tool can help ensure that like cases are decided alike, collectively for all clerks deciding such issues, across the boundaries of particular agencies.
Try the prototype | Get the source code | Read the manual
Topic Map: The EAGLE Topic Map Tool helps employees in public administrations to quickly find the resources required for the task at hand.
Try the prototype | Get the source code | Read the documentation
Automatic Item Generation: The EAGLE Learning Platform offers two possibilities to author tests. 1) Tests can be authored manually using the TAO authoring interface. 2) Since employees in PA do not have time to create tests, research was conducted to explore whether the automatic generation of test items from a source is possible. A source is either a text-based OER or a text from a Wiki page manual.
Get the source code | Read the documentation
Ontology: The backbone of the EAGLE Learning Platform. Supports the management of OER, including their creation, modification, and history of use. In addition, the EAGLE ontology interlinks OER with the concepts located outside of the Web of Data that are organised in a form of controlled vocabularies.
Get the source code | Read the documentation


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