Learning for local governments made easier, more accessible and effective

EAGLE develops a digital learning solution for local authorities. This solution includes:

  • a computer-aided learning platform that local authorities can use to acquire and share knowledge – with less constraints of time, place and costs than existing training courses entail
  • a concept for learning that is tailored for local governments and makes use of the learning platform
  • a plan of how to best introduce this concept and the learning platform in local governments

Local governments have been involved into the development of the learning solution from the beginning, at first by assessing their needs in interviews, later by creating so-called personas and, finally, as validation partners. This ensures that the learning solution is easy to use and effective for local governments. Therefore, EAGLE is eager to involve more local governments, for example in EAGLE's validation phase or by other means (for example piloting the fully developed solution) to be discussed individually (get in touch).

EAGLE learning solution allows: searching information, finding information connected with it, learning new information and sharing informatoinThe computer-aided learning platform is based on open source software and open educational resources, which allows for easy use and re-use of material and generates relatively low costs for acces to high-quality learning material. Within the learning platform, employees of local governments can search and find the learning material they need, it helps them to learn what they find and, eventually, also allows them to share their knowledge with others. The story of Biljana Duric in  EAGLE's explainer video illustrates where and why this can be highly useful.

Given that EAGLE aims to create an innovative learning solution, its work also necessitates high-quality research. The results of this research (in the form of reports, so-called Deliverables in EU terminology) are continuously reported at conferences and in publications.